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February 6: Groucho Marks and Two Eggs


Today’s a good day to play with photo apps.

The girls took one look at today’s snow fall and refused to leave the coop. In lieu of chickens, today we have an egg each from Strawberry Sally and Blackbird. Plopped in the snow, they reminded me of Mr. Potato Heads, so I added Groucho Marks glasses, nose, and ‘stache.

How do they look?



Chickens and leftover oatmeal = yum

My chickens are pets. I let them out and they follow me around. They expect treats, which in chicken means soft and squishy leftovers like cereal and pastas and non-citrus fruits.

Yesterday, despite the cold, they stood at the kitchen door peering in until I brought out a bowl of leftover oatmeal.

Then they wanted more.