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Did I mention the eggs are yummy?

Thank you chickens!



Wow! Late August and we’re getting about 5 smallish, brown eggs a week.

We think that none are from Chicken Dolly because she is an “Easter-Egger,” so her eggs should be blue-green.

The girls are almost 5 months old now!

Where chickens sleep

Chickens sleep on a roost.

Our roost is some leftover-from-somewhere 2 inch diameter dowel. The enclosed part of our coop is about 3 feet high inside. The roost is about 2 feet off the ground.

If I can take a photo without completely freaking the birds out, I’ll post it.


They have finally figured out how to get up there and sleep!

Yeah chickies!!!

Now, if they’d only lay eggs.

Time for a Chicken Run

While technically, our coop is big enough for 4 chickens, our 3 love to run around our yard.

The chicky-doodles are not laying yet, but we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy eggs from our friends and family and know how much better they taste. I’m not the only one:

It’s a huge difference. In color and in taste,” says chef Paul Keevil of Millie’s Diner in Richmond. “When you cook them, they glow. They’re just iridescent in the pan. Each one is different because every chicken has eaten different things. And the taste is just night and day.

So I’m hesitant to keep the girls cooped up. (Yes, pun intended).

BUT…Jim was cleaning the yard with the dog’s pooper-scooper because we’ve had too many “Ewww, I just stepped in…” lately. Let’s see what he builds next weekend.

Until then we’ll step carefully.

Dolly Love

My chickies stick together.

Only seven weeks old and already they are exploring the backyard.

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The Chickie Nightlight

My neighbor loves seeing the nightlight from her kitchen window. It is pretty charming.

We have the light on to keep them warm, since they are only about 7 weeks old and it’s been in the low 40s at night.

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If I Were a Chicken

This is what I’d look at in my next box, where someday I will lay eggs and in my roost. Don’t we kind of look like Charlie’s Angels? But with better legs?

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Rooftop Herb Garden: Planted!

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The girls love worms

The latest fun encounter with chickens? Digging for worms, tossing them in the coop, and squealing with delight when they practically fight over them.

Added bonus, the youngest farmer is not squeamish of bugs, creepy crawlies, or other tiny critters.

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