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Raising Chickens

Do Chickens Fly? Only if They’re Motivated (which means HUNGRY!)

Yes, chickens will fly, but only if they really want to.

Dolly is our smallest chicken. She’s happy and healthy and weighs in at about 5 pounds.

Chickens aren’t too heavy to fly, but they generally don’t fly very far or very high. According to, here’s why:

It is true that in most cases (unless they are too heavy) that chickens are indeed able to fly.  However it should be noted that they are only able to fly for short distances at a time, on average from about three to four feet.  Chickens usually fly to flee from danger or a predator, in which case they may be seen flying vertically up to an object, or just horizontally to get out of the way.  They have also been known to fly when not represented by danger, for instance simply in experimenting around their surroundings.  Maybe they’re bored.

Chickens can also fly up to roosts as turkeys do, though some breeds of chickens have been known to have better flying ability compared to others.  Chickens that weigh too much are not able to fly, due to the fact that they are simply too heavy.  Also contrary to what some people may believe, chickens are not able to fly to migrate.  They are not migratory birds and do not have this ability, also if you remember they are unable to fly for long distances.  It would take a chicken forever to migrate even if they could.

My chickens fly when there’s food to be had or they’re scared. Here’s Dolly in action.

I want some of that too.

I want some of that too.

I do not want to walk from here to there in this snow!

I do not want to walk from here to there in this snow!

Ah! The power of wings!

Ah! The power of wings!


Tending Chickens in Sub-Zero Weather

20130121-175749.jpg TEN BELOW this morning and only 13 above in chicken-ville! How do I know? We have a remote thermometer hanging in the coop.

20130121-175926.jpg At that temp their combs can freeze!

Tonight’s forecast is 15 below, so I closed the sliding door between their roost and their feeding area. Unfortunately the heater in the chicken waterer burnt out so we are bringing them fresh water every few hours, too.

As a special treat they dined on leftover fries, coleslaw, and ranch dressing. I’m sure it’s no better for them than it is for me, but they sure loved it!



Brr! Preparing for a Change in Weather


Despite a lovely day of running freely in the backyard, the girls didn’t lay a single egg. Smart chickens–they knew something was up.

After hours in the 40 degree sun (sorry California, that’s downright balmy in Minnesota come January), it’s now windy and 14 degrees. And it’s only getting worse.

What’s a chicken to do? Snuggle up in their closed up coop with extra food and water, and a heat lamp.

Enjoy the show!

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A Message from the Girls

Please! No more pineapple, pudding or olives.

We like plain bread without olives, apples and melons, and corn on the cob.

When you serve those, let us know!



Chickens and leftover oatmeal = yum

My chickens are pets. I let them out and they follow me around. They expect treats, which in chicken means soft and squishy leftovers like cereal and pastas and non-citrus fruits.

Yesterday, despite the cold, they stood at the kitchen door peering in until I brought out a bowl of leftover oatmeal.

Then they wanted more.


The Chicken Run in Winter

It’s hot and humid, so these photos are very refreshing.


Wow! Late August and we’re getting about 5 smallish, brown eggs a week.

We think that none are from Chicken Dolly because she is an “Easter-Egger,” so her eggs should be blue-green.

The girls are almost 5 months old now!

Dolly Love

Brrrr, Too Cold to Spend the Night Outside

After a fun day in the real world, the chirping, huddling chicks persuaded us that it was too cold to spend the night outside. Here is Dolly under the heat lamp and then the crowd of them in their tiny basement pen.

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