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Time for a Chicken Run

While technically, our coop is big enough for 4 chickens, our 3 love to run around our yard.

The chicky-doodles are not laying yet, but we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy eggs from our friends and family and know how much better they taste. I’m not the only one:

It’s a huge difference. In color and in taste,” says chef Paul Keevil of Millie’s Diner in Richmond. “When you cook them, they glow. They’re just iridescent in the pan. Each one is different because every chicken has eaten different things. And the taste is just night and day.

So I’m hesitant to keep the girls cooped up. (Yes, pun intended).

BUT…Jim was cleaning the yard with the dog’s pooper-scooper because we’ve had too many “Ewww, I just stepped in…” lately. Let’s see what he builds next weekend.

Until then we’ll step carefully.


Château Poulet

Chåteau FramingPainter in residenceArtist and Interior DesignerLaying box and roostRoost to runCautious
Walking up the ladder (Strawberry Sally)Chickies in the roostChåteau Poulet almost finished

Château Poulet, a set on Flickr.

Coop Designs abound. My grandfather would surely roll his eyes if he saw the castle we are building on the patio. Of course he’d roll his eyes just living in the city, too.

Our coop design came from It’s not the easiest to build, but it has a roof top herb garden! My husband started it in early April by downloading the design and printing all 123 pages. At around $35 this is a great deal. The plans are detailed down to the shopping and cutting lists. The photos on-line are gorgeous.

As of late May, the coop is mostly done. My husband and acting carpenter is awesome, but with 3 kids, snow (yes in MAY), rain, sports schedules, 2 jobs, and school events, no one has much free time. Our coop is tan with red trim to match the house. In the photo to the right, you can see a lot of white where we’ve primed, but haven’t finished painting yet. The roof-top herb garden needs sides and its liner.  I’ve got flats of herbs from the Friends School Plant Sale waiting to be planted, but even if the coop were finished, it’s only 55 degrees outside…