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Chickens in their coop

Brr! Preparing for a Change in Weather


Despite a lovely day of running freely in the backyard, the girls didn’t lay a single egg. Smart chickens–they knew something was up.

After hours in the 40 degree sun (sorry California, that’s downright balmy in Minnesota come January), it’s now windy and 14 degrees. And it’s only getting worse.

What’s a chicken to do? Snuggle up in their closed up coop with extra food and water, and a heat lamp.

Enjoy the show!

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The Chicken Run in Winter

It’s hot and humid, so these photos are very refreshing.

Where chickens sleep

Chickens sleep on a roost.

Our roost is some leftover-from-somewhere 2 inch diameter dowel. The enclosed part of our coop is about 3 feet high inside. The roost is about 2 feet off the ground.

If I can take a photo without completely freaking the birds out, I’ll post it.


They have finally figured out how to get up there and sleep!

Yeah chickies!!!

Now, if they’d only lay eggs.

If I Were a Chicken

This is what I’d look at in my next box, where someday I will lay eggs and in my roost. Don’t we kind of look like Charlie’s Angels? But with better legs?

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I Painted My Chickens Today

In a fit of Sun-Induced-Euphoria and Fleeting-Warmth– a powerful combination during a Minnesota Spring, I herded the chickens back outside. Chicken Farmer #3 thought it was a great day to paint. I agreed. As the chickens wandered around the garden searching for bugs, we primed the roofs and sides.

All was well until Chicken Farmer #3 needed help in the bathroom. Fearing an encounter with a hawk, I ushered the girls back into their coop and went inside. Little did I know the primer was dripping through the roof boards onto the chickens and into their water. Everyone needed a bath.

The chickens were good sports during their sponge baths. I’m hoping the paint I couldn’t wash off will wear off soon…

Welcome to the Real World (5 weeks)

Blackbird 5-11-11Strawberry Sally 5-11-11Chicken Dolly 5-11-11Blackbird and her petChåteau Poulet almost finishedChickies in the roost
Chickies in the roostSpeedy DollyNot as graceful (Blackbird)Walking up the ladder (Strawberry Sally)Watermelon and corn scrapsRun
CautiousRoost to runLaying box and roostChickies in GardenHawklikeInvestigating the garden - 5 weeks old

With 2 days of 80s, we felt it was warm enough to bring our giant chicks outside. It did snow 8 days ago…so this feels good. Besides, the coop has a door on it now!

The birds love scratching in the dirt, eating worms we’ve found them, and generally just pecking around — together. If one wanders off, she quickly gets scared and starts chirping for her flockmates.

I think they are still in shock at this great, big world. Remember, they’d never seen the sun before or touched the earth, or foraged for a box elder bug.